Mohawk Honda facility expansions, Town of Glenville, Schenectady County, NY. This project involved several site plan & infrastructure expansions, technical reporting & permitting support for major building and parking / display area expansions to this leading car dealership. Included construction phase support services through to operations (2012 – 2014).

Living Hope Church, Rt. 50, Town of Ballston (Burnt Hills), Saratoga County, NY. This project involved the preparation of site plans and supporting technical documents including full SEQRA and State DEC / DOT & local permitting for a new 7,600 SF Church facility. Project is located in the Ballston Lake watershed, a NY 303(d) impaired waterbody, requiring special green infrastructure stormwater management features to protect stormwater quality (2012 – 2015).

Chong Hyo Century Tae Kwon Do Academy, Rt. 50, Town of Ballston (Burnt Hills), Saratoga County, NY
This project involved the preparation of site plans including layout, infrastructure, stormwater management per the new State standards, NYSDOT permitting and SEQRA compliance for construction of a new 4,000SF martial arts facility. Project received full SEQRA review and approvals from the Town Planning Board including a public hearing, site plan, special use and a myriad of Town design standard waivers in just one Town Planning Board meeting. Construction observation and certifications also provided (2010 – 2011).
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Saratoga Gastroenterology Associates, Town of Ballston (Burnt Hills), Saratoga County NY. This project has involved the progressive preparation of feasibility studies and infrastructure improvements / modification plans including a large replacement onsite wastewater treatment system (pressure mound septic system) to handle the facility’s current 2,500 GPD wastewater load. NYSDEC SPDES permitting was required and obtained. We are currently working with an Architect in expanding the medical practice to a new 35,000 SF facility on an adjacent parcel which will include site plan layout and design, design of green infrastructure stormwater management / SWPPP systems suitable for discharge into the NY 303(d) impaired Ballston Lake waterbody, onsite wastewater pressure mound treatment system, landscaping, grading, lighting and a looped access road and parking area suitable for approximately 300 vehicles. Tasks include regulatory assessments and determinations, local and State level permitting for site plan review, onsite wastewater treatment systems, stormwater management and wetland assessments (2012 – present).

Single Family Residential Buildings: These projects included the preparation of custom house plans or building additions / modifications, and energy code compliance (RESCheck) documents for permitting & construction with follow on project management, construction observation and oversight. Some projects included the design of full height Insulated Concrete Foundations (ICF) exhibiting high energy efficiency (2009 – present).

The Flout and Zabel Filter – cases of current cost effective wastewater applications: Meeting clients’ needs on their projects in a timely & cost-effective manner utilizing the most simple and proven code-compliant technologies and methodologies is important to us. For onsite wastewater treatment (septic) systems, certain soil conditions such as adverse grades, high groundwater and sub-optimal soil conditions sometime require alternative applications such as dosed (pumped) raised bed or pressure mound absorption systems. Pump systems are often a last resort to meeting Code requirements and add to the complexity of design, construction and operation. Plus, the system performance is typically dependent upon available electrical power and often requires an emergency backup generator / connection and additional storage volume for periods of power outages or pump failures during maintenance periods. The Flout, a simple patented dosing device, is driven by gravity and made of flexible PVC piping. It is an outstanding alternative to these expensive pumping, dosing and backup electrical & storage structures. In certain applications with available grade (head), we have utilized this device and saved a number of our clients literally tens of thousands of dollars in design, construction, installation and operational costs. The Zabel filter is also a simple installation / retrofit into a typical PVC tee outlet baffle and ensures that solids stay inside a septic tank, thereby extending the service life of an absorption field. It can be easily removed, periodically washed of debris and reinstalled in minutes. This simple PVC component has also saved clients literally thousands of dollars in maintenance, design and replacement costs.