The Flout and Zabel Filter

The Flout and Zabel Filter – cases of current cost effective wastewater applications: Meeting clients’ needs on their projects in a timely & cost-effective manner utilizing the most simple and proven code-compliant technologies and methodologies is important to us. For onsite wastewater treatment (septic) systems, certain soil conditions such as adverse grades, high groundwater and sub-optimal soil conditions sometime require alternative applications such as dosed (pumped) raised bed or pressure mound absorption systems. Pump systems are often a last resort to meeting Code requirements and add to the complexity of design, construction and operation. Plus, the system performance is typically dependent upon available electrical power and often requires an emergency backup generator / connection and additional storage volume for periods of power outages or pump failures during maintenance periods. The Flout, a simple patented dosing device, is driven by gravity and made of flexible PVC piping. It is an outstanding alternative to these expensive pumping, dosing and backup electrical & storage structures. In certain applications with available grade (head), we have utilized this device and saved a number of our clients literally tens of thousands of dollars in design, construction, installation and operational costs. The Zabel filter is also a simple installation / retrofit into a typical PVC tee outlet baffle and ensures that solids stay inside a septic tank, thereby extending the service life of an absorption field. It can be easily removed, periodically washed of debris and reinstalled in minutes. This simple PVC component has also saved clients literally thousands of dollars in maintenance, design and replacement costs.